the bathroom

To be completed 22nd May 2019
Current date 7th May 2019

The first room for my challenge is the bathroom. Initially I thought this was going to be simple, like buying a bamboo toothbrush etc. How naive I once was.

I’m writing this post in retrospect as truthfully I decided to write this after beginning the journey. Being a check list kind-of-person, I have dutifully ‘ticked off’ what is already completed.

As stated, I quickly learnt that there was a lot more to cover when going zero waste in the bathroom. I also wrote down the prices next to a few of them because to be honest, some of this stuff was expensive as hell, but totally worth it. Life-changing, environment saving kind of worth it.

I’ll be posting about each individual item on this list. What seemed stupidly complicated proved to be simple; with the help of my pink pen and a check list.

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