A million people doing it imperfectly

I’m one tiny soul living at the bottom of the planet. My Tasmanian home is a lush, green haven, with coastlines and deep forests and unique wildlife. I’ve never lived anywhere else, I couldn’t think of any other place being my home.

Inspired by the book ‘A family guide to waste-free living’ by the Carter family. I’m challenging myself to a ‘one room at a time’ task. I’m giving myself a month to transform each room of my home into a waste-free haven. I’ll be reviewing products, testing recipes and being 100% honest about it. Because the planet is fucked and it’s all our fault, so there’s no point lying about it.

My goal –turn my home zero waste.


Living in an urban world, growing up and habitually relying on un-environmentally friendly things.

Having a boyfriend who is semi on-board, but not willing to give everything up just yet.

Living in an apartment, with no garden to grow food or compost.

Giving up things I don’t want to give up.

Follow my no bullshit, honest as hell journey to making a change in our home! I hope whoever reads this learns a trick or two to put into their own homes. But mostly this blog is for myself to look back on when I’m old and decrepit, hopefully living on a happy planet.

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