make up wipes

If you’re the type of person that wears make-up regularly then you know that make-up wipes can be expensive and produce a lot of waste. I can’t think of many ways to re-use a used make up wipe to be honest. I don’t wear make-up too often, but even for a wisp of mascara you need reinforcements. So on the days where I wear a full face, I used to have a supply of make-up wipes stashed away.

My next door neighbour, Kasey, runs her own business named Marigold (@hellomymarigold), and her handmade, re-usable make-up pads were the first product I bought on this zero waste journey. This idea was born from some old fabric scraps and cotton towelling, with the intention to replace the need for single-use cotton pads #upcycle

My marigolds

I’ve been using these Marigolds for almost a year, and i can categorically tell you that by owning these, you’ll never need to buy single-use wipes again. It’s a wipe and exfoliator all in one. Use with a make-up remover (I make my own and will post about it soon) and it’s that easy!

The care involved is quite simple. I put my used Marigolds into the muslin bag (which Kasey also hand makes) and pop them in the wash with a normal laundry load. If there are tough stains that won’t come out, Kasey suggests soaking them in anti-bacterial stain remover. For a more natural approach, I make my own stain remover using vinegar and bicarb soda (my new best friends) and these ingredients are like two magical peas in a pod.

Kasey also makes other products, including nursing pads for the mums, jewellery pouches and face wipes. You can check out Kasey’s instagram @hellomymarigold, or her website Support local Tassie business!

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