Whether you use roll on, spray or nothing at all, smell control is vital.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

I believe many people would be under the assumption that aerosol cans are not recyclable. Luckily for our earth, nearly all councils in Australia are able to recycle aerosol cans! As long as the can is empty and intact, check online at Recycling Near You to see if your City Council will allow them to go in kerbside recycling. Hobart is one of those councils!

For those who like to sport a roll on deodorant, the Hobart City Council has no guidelines on correct disposal. However, as roll on deodorant is a ‘hard plastic’, Think Recycle say they can also go in kerbside recycling. Who knew!

How to avoid the hard plastics

Sticking to my zero waste mantra, the best way to avoid putting anything into recycling is just don’t buy it in the first place! Although the packaging may be recyclable, the product still has to be manufactured; I’m aiming to remove that step from the process.

Sporting Rexona ‘Sexy Bouquet’ spray deodorant since the tender age of 14, I knew this would be tough to give up. That was until a recent visit from my darling friend Rosa, who introduced me to paste deodorant, a zero waste deodorant from Zero Waste Beauty Australia. As bizarre as ‘paste deodorant’ sounds, this stuff really worked. The application felt unnatural at first, but it proved more durable than any store bought deodorant I have ever tried.


I did my research and found a local Tasmanian business named MyShay (@myshay.deodorant), that sold handmade, vegan, certified organic, paste deodorant. Made from coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, wax and oils, it leaves your armpits smelling like chocolate. The smell alone was enough to convince me to buy my first tub.

My personal MyShay deodorants. Refilled at Unpacked, Kingston.


In order to prove it’s durability I put myself through a test series. I work as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital. I walk to work, run around my busy ward for 8+ hours (with no air conditioning), then walk home. On an average spray deodorant day, I would be reapplying every few hours. Honest to god, with the MyShay paste I didn’t have to think twice. It lasted all day, even into the night. Not only did it keep my armpits smelling like easter Sunday, but it’s antiperspirant qualities are also a big win. No pit stains!

Jakes tick of approval for hairy armpits

Just before writing this post, I asked Jake if he would ever use my paste deodorant. He said he was hesitant about application, due to his hairy armpits. Being a no-haired armpit girl, I hadn’t considered if hair would hinder application. So after his morning shower, we tested whether MyShay would prove its worth. In Jake’s words “oh, that was so easy”. It spread on like butter, easy to rub in, even making his hairs “feel nice and soft”. So for any hairy armpits out there, this will work for you too!

UPDATE: it’s now 4pm and his former testimony stands true! He is officially going to attempt to make the switch!

Where to buy

For my Hobart friends, I buy MyShay deodorant in bulk from Unpacked in Kingston. They also sell little glass containers of the product which you can then get re-filled. Other places it can be sourced are listed on the MyShay website. For mainlanders or non-Australians, you can buy online! Otherwise do your research and find local suppliers in your area.

Make your own

Due to work and time constraints, I simply don’t have time to make everything. But, if you are keen to make your own deodorant, then head too one of the best zero waste sites on the internet, The Inspired Little Pot. They have a fantastic carb-free deodorant recipe Making your own deodorant involves sourcing ingredients that you can’t always find in your local supermarket. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and shop around, then making your own deodorant is a great place to start!

To find my favourite deodorant paste head to

For recycling near you check

For more recycling information check, but check your City Council guidelines first!

For carb-free deodorant recipe head to

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