I can appreciate the shift in attitude towards body hair, letting it grow freely. I’m one of those people who still likes to shave, either way I support freedom of choice with your hairs!

This is a long one, but the information in this will hopefully set you up with a complete, zero waste razor system, so stick with it!

Safety razor

Disposable razors have proved extremely handy to me over the years, painless to use and cheap as chips. I wasn’t sure where to start with replacing disposable razors, I’m currently getting laser hair removal (which is amazing, highly recommend). However in the interim, until I require no razor at all, I had to start searching for an alternative.

The internet says the best, non-plastic alternative to a disposable razor, is a ‘safety razor’. One of my favourite websites I’ve stumbled across in my journey is Biome. It’s got an enormous range, and even the packaging they send their items in is zero waste (recyclable cardboard). Biome had a stock of double edged safety razors with 10 spare blades for around $50, and I was tempted by a very spick rose gold handle.

My rose gold girl.


I obviously won’t be posting photos of my hair free legs. But honestly shaving with my new safety razor was really daunting. I was terrified of cutting the shit out of my legs, as the blade is sharper than a disposable one. One stressful shower later and my legs are hair free, walking away with only one small knick on the ankle. So if you get your own safety razor, and are terrified of shaving your skin off, I feel your fear but no need to worry! Just be gentle and use soap as a shaving cream! It makes all the difference.

What to do with the blades

The Biome safety razor comes with 10 razor blades that you load yourself, but I had to do some research about what to do with the blades once they are used. So this is a dumb (yet extremely effective) craft project I’ve done to safely store the used blades!

1. Grab an empty tin can, pull the lid completely off the can and cut off the ring pull with either a strong pair of scissors or some metal snips.

2. Add duct tape (I have cute pink duct tape) around the edges of the lid.

3. Attach the lid back onto the can, and tape down securely on either side.

4. Not a necessary step by any means but I made a little cozy for my can because it’s ugly as hell and it was another reason for me to get crafty.

5. Dispose of blades as needed. Keep out of reach from curious kids!

I have a can full of blades what do I do now?

Good question. Your can contraption should take roughly a year to completely fill up. However there is unfortunately a grey area about what to do with the full can, as there are no specific guidelines from the Hobart City Council about correct disposal of razor blades.

The most viable option I’ve found in my research is dropping the used blades off at a sharps disposal point. Lots of local chemists have a sharps drop off, so click here and find your nearest sharps point. Mine is just down the road from me! Just go into the chemist and let them know that you’ve got used razor blades, and let them take care of the rest! It may seem like a lot of work, but you are really only doing it once a year and nothing is too much work when it comes to taking care of our planet.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

Simple, detach the blades from your disposable razor, and put it in your weird, trusty can! According to The Hobart City Council, the disposable razor handle is allocated to kerbside waste, which unfortunately equals landfill. In this case, I’m going to store the handles in a tiny box at the back of my bathroom vanity, until I, or the council figure out a way to re-use them.

For my new favourite safety razors, head to https://www.biome.com.au/module/ambjolisearch/jolisearch?search_query=razor

For safe sharps disposal locations near you, head to https://healthengine.com.au/interest/sharps-disposal-service/TAS/

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