bathroom cleaner

If you are the one that cleans your bathroom then this one is for you! I’m the bathroom cleaner in our house, and the stockpile of sprays and chemicals I have is huge. I wanted to find the ultimate cleaner that combines all these chemicals into one.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

As stated, I have a huge stockpile of cleaning products. Being raised with Ajax it was one of the first things we purchased when we moved out of home. I soon spiralled into buying toilet cleaner, stain remover, shower cleaner, glass cleaner and bleach. So now I have a bunch of nearly empty, or empty bottles serving no purpose. My solution is simple, re-use those bottles to fill with my homemade cleaner. Done!

The easiest bathroom cleaner recipe in the world

I’ve tested and tried a few different designs of the cleaner. It mostly comes down to personal smell preference, but this is the recipe I use! Taken from ‘A Family Guide to Waste Free Living’ by the Carters.

*Note, vinegar and dishwashing liquid are bought in bulk from Unpacked, Kingston.

1 part white vinegar
1 part water
3-4 tsp of dishwashing liquid
*Optional essential oils (to smell preference)
I use 15 drops of lavender and 15 of lemon

Old Ajax bottles re-used for homemade cleaner.

Combine all ingredients, fill whatever bottle you have and use it as a universal spray! I use it for the mirror, toilet, vanity and the shower. It might leave a vinegary smell after you’ve cleaned with this but only for a short time. If you don’t like the smell, just dilute the vinegar with more water and add some extra oils.

*Hot tip

For bottles like toilet cleaner that don’t have a spray cap, use them to store extra of your homemade cleaner!

DIY citrus cleaner

My orange cleaner brewing.

If the smell of vinegar is to off-putting for you, then read this. It’s not a secret that people have been making homemade citrus cleaner forever and there’s reasons for it. It’s meant to be simple, effective and leave your house smelling delicious. Not wanting to waste orange peels, my opportunity arose to make my own. Here’s how it went:

1 empty jar
Orange peels (enough to fit into your jar)
White vinegar
Spray bottle
*Optional essential oils

Put orange peels into jar and cover with white vinegar. I added frankincense and peppermint oils to mine and stirred through. Seal tight and store in a cupboard, or a dark area of your home for around 2 weeks. When ready, pour solution into empty spray bottle.

My jar full of orange peels, on my favourite garden puzzle.

Unfortunately I can’t give a review as mine is still brewing away! I’ll update this post when I use it, but as I said before, homemade citrus cleaner has been around forever for a reason. When you’ve finished with the orange peels, dry them out in the sun and pop them in your compost. Hopefully the ease of these recipes inspire you to make your own!

If you don’t want to make your own

That’s okay too! If you are looking for zero waste cleaning products they do exist. They come in bottles that are usually recyclable, and claim to be free from the bad chemicals. A couple of brands recommended to me included: Koh, Norwex and Enjo. However it may be hard to avoid packaging and other unnecessary plastics.

Microfibre cloths

The danger of buying from brands like the ones mentioned above are the microfibre cloths that tend to come as part of a package deal. There’s a lot of research that indicates that tiny fragments of the type of plastic used to make these synthetic clothes, shed during a washing cycle and are released into the oceans. Read here or anywhere online if you want to learn more about this issue.

The best way to combat this is to consider purchasing cloth alternatives, such as bamboo or even make your own. I recently purchased five bamboo cloths from Koala Eco, an Australian company that also stock other wonderful bathroom products! Unfortunately there are no photos at present, as they are currently being shipped. But I’m looking forward to my new bathroom cleaning routine without all the harsh chemicals and their plastic packaging.

For Koh cleaning products, head to

For Norwex cleaning products, head to

For Enjo cleaning products, head to

For bamboo cloths, head to

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