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I’ve written about going zero waste with makeup wipes. But the store bought wipes are handy for a reason, they come with makeup remover in them! I decided to try and make my own makeup remover, with this simple recipe.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

During my initial transition to a zero waste life, I switched from using make up wipes to a micellar water I got from Kmart. I figured this was somewhat of a better alternative (lol). I’m left with another stupid small plastic bottle of my own creating. So, if you’re like me and have a little bottle of makeup remover, keep the bottle! Consider using it to store your handmade version.

Witch hazel

If you’ve never heard of witch hazel then you are not alone. Nearly every homemade recipe I found online listed it as one of the main ingredients to homemade make up remover. It’s essentially a plant extract from North America, thats effects are something of an ‘old wives tale’. Apparently the extract of the witch hazel has been used for years for medicinal purposes, more commonly in modern times for skin conditions. Jake told me he used to use it for his bumpy skin as a teenager! There are no official studies that support it’s ability to cure anything but according to the internet and Jake, this stuff is amazing for your skin!

Make your own

You can be as complicated as you like with homemade makeup remover. A lot of recipes call for a selection of different oils, like jojoba or sweet almond oil, which can be really difficult to source in a small town like Hobart (and plastic free). I like simplicity, and it involves buying less products! Here is an easy recipe that only needs two ingredients, taken from The Good Life by Amy French blog.

1 empty jar or bottle
Witch hazel*
Liquid coconut oil
*Optional add a little rose-hip oil if you’re prone to oily skin

Mix equal parts witch hazel and coconut oil. This works well for me, but if you feel a greasy feeling left on your skin, just dilute with more witch hazel.

* I get my witch hazel from Priceline pharmacy, only costs around $7 for a 240ml bottle. Which means it will last a long time!

Liquid coconut oil and witch hazel

The big dumb + results

I cannot stress enough to use LIQUID coconut oil when making this recipe. I was stupid enough to use coconut oil in it’s solid form and just melt it, thinking this would work. The realities of science and common sense failed me today because (obviously) it turned back into it’s solid form. I’ve decided to use it as some sort of a facial cream situation.

Once reclaiming common sense I’ve re-made my makeup remover with liquid coconut oil and it works just as a store bought make up remover does. I stored my make up remover in a random bottle I found in my big stash of jars. I’m keeping the witch hazel bottle to store liquid coconut oil for my next batch. I use my new homemade make up remover with my marigolds and it works a treat

Homemade make up remover

Don’t feel like making your own or need a bit more oomph

One of my most treasured products I own is my Ultrabland cleanser from Lush. Made from lot’s of goodies, including beeswax and almond oil, this works not only as a cleanser, but as a fantastic makeup remover to.

Goodbye my sweet love, for the good of the bees.

If purchasing this product, make sure you ask your lovely Lush employee how to properly use it. It’s not a traditional ‘rub in’ cleanser. They advise the best way to remove is with a hot, warm cloth (I soak my marigolds in hot water). However at the end of my current pot, I won’t be purchasing anymore! That’s because I’m trying to go vegan, and this product contains beeswax.

Buying from Lush has it’s zero waste perks too. Lush have a return system where you can return some (not all) of your empty pots to your local store, and they are re-used! The best part is if you return five of these pots, you get a free face mask. As long as the pot has the return label at the bottom, you are good to go!

I’m not a dermatologist but my skin is soft as hell

If this doesn’t work for my skin in the long term, then I will find another way. But so far my skin feels the same. Truthfully I’ve never had problems with my skin so I wasn’t worried. But if anyone uses this recipe, make sure you take care of your beautiful skin. If this doesn’t work for you, try something else. There are thousands of recipes out there for you to test, this one just works for me.

To buy witch hazel online, go to or in store!

For Ultrabland cleanser, head to your local Lush store, otherwise you can purchase online

To read more from Amy French, go to her blog

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