bathroom done + kitchen begins

Our zero waste bathroom

The 22nd of May has come to conclusion which marks the end of my zero waste bathroom challenge. Sounds cliche but the experience has been ‘eye opening’ to how much plastic waste we produced in just our bathroom. Everything on the list got ticked off through both bulk buying and handmade recipes. I’m sure there are other bathroom things I haven’t thought of that I will inevitably have to figure out a way to go zero waste. However the journey so far has shown me how easy and non-intimidating it is to find alternatives. Even in tiny Tassie we are blessed with an abundance of zero waste products, you just have to go looking! Here are just a handful of things we have made zero waste!

Make up remover
Shampoo bars
Period underwear

The kitchen begins

To be completed: 22nd July 2019
Current date: 23rd May 2019

The kitchen is obviously the place we produce the most waste. Prior to this transition, nearly everything we bought came in shitty plastic packaging. We discovered bulk buying and slowly began to transition, but we made a decision as a couple to really commit going forward. So far we have bought an indoor composter, looking at worm farming, making shopping bags and making beeswax wraps! Here is the list of all our kitchen stuff we are attempting at going zero waste with. I’m going to have to brush up on my cooking skills (which are practically non-existent) so we can say goodbye to plastic packaging forever.

Our kitchen list

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