buying in bulk

This is my absolute favourite part of going zero waste. It actually makes going grocery shopping an enjoyable experience which I honestly didn’t believe was possible.

Start with a good jar collection

The best thing you can do to start off in the bulk buying world is to accumulate a good jar collection. This can include old pasta sauce jars, plastic bottles or essentially any vessel that you can put something in. I use old coconut yoghurt containers (that are plastic) to put peanut butter in. Always try and re-use if you can! If you have absolutely nothing, jump on gumtree or Facebook marketplace and see if people are selling old jars (which they usually are).

My bag of jars and other re-usable plastics

Find your local bulk buying store

We are a small town in Hobart, but we have some amazing bulk buying stores. My go-to is Unpacked in Kingston. It’s got absolutely everything you need, from weird gluten free flour, to black molasses and everything in between. Another great one in Hobart is Eumarrah. It’s a zero waste wonderland in there and I would highly recommend making a visit! These stores also sell non-food related products as well, like zero waste toothpaste, deodorant and soaps!

Our bulk buy shelf

Get the staples

When I first started bulk buying food, I was overwhelmed by the vast array of choices available. At Unpacked alone they have like 8 different types of flours. So start with the small stuff and work your way up to the weird stuff you don’t need to use all the time. I started with pink salt, brown rice, peanut butter, pasta and a few spices I had run out of. Eventually your jar stock begins to grow!

Phasing things out

It’s very easy to go to a bulk buying store and just go fucking feral and fill up 50 jars of stuff. While I support this, because it’s fun, it can often become super overwhelming when you have ‘doubled up’ on stuff. For a while I had plain flour in a plastic container, and plain flour I’d bulk bought in a jar which was really stupid. This just leads to a complicated cupboard and I hate that cluttered feeling. Just take it easy, and buy what you actually need. Only bulk buy when you have truly run out, but I 100% understand the temptation.

You can find Eumarrah at 39 Barrack St, Hobart

You can find Unpacked at 45 Channel Highway, Kingston

Check their facebook pages out for regular updates on their latest produce!

Follow my Instagram @tassiegirlzerowaste

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