almond milk

As a vegan in training, I’ve learnt to love almond milk and was curious about making my own for zero waste purposes.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

Almond milk from the supermarket usually comes in these rectangular containers. If you check the back, they say they are recyclable. The Hobart City Council also say that these types of containers are to be placed in kerbside recycling, just ensure they are empty and the lid is screwed on. If you buy almond milk in a cardboard carton, then they are also recyclable too! Another option is to keep them and store your new homemade almond milk in!

DIY almond milk

This is a really simple recipe, it costs around $2 to make and gives you around 1L of milk. This recipe is by Jamie Oliver, but most almond milk recipes you’ll find follow the exact same process.

1 cup of almonds
4 cups of water
Piece of muslin or linen (tea towel would also work)
Bottle or Jar
*Optional 1tbsp of honey or rice malt syrup

1. Soak almonds in water for 8-12 hours

2. Rinse almonds and place into blender with 4 cups of water. A lot of recipes say you should peel the skin but it makes no difference when you are straining it later on. Blend for a few minutes until smooth. Add honey or rice malt syrup if you’re looking for a sweeter flavour

3. Put muslin cloth over bowl (I bull clipped mine into place)

4. Pour liquid onto cloth in small bits at a time, squeeze towel until all the milk comes out

5. Pour into jar or bottle and store in fridge

6. Dry out the pulp for homemade almond meal! Store in a jar or container for future cooking

The milk will be good for 3-4 days, but it will seperate naturally. Just give the milk a shake before using it!


This may be a little bias but I actually find this tastes so much better than store bought almond milk. I didn’t add any extra sweetener but I’m not much of a sweet tooth, in fact the sweetness of store bought almond milk is one of the reasons why I ventured to make my own. Even for a person that drinks cows milk, I urge you to try this instead. It’s delicious, and vegan (obviously). The only downside is it doesn’t last for very long, but it’s so quick to make that it’s faster than going to the store and buying a carton. I’m now a homemade almond milk convert, with the added bonus of almond meal, double win!

For Hobart City Council guidelines on milk container recycling head to

For Jamie Oliver’s almond milk recipe in full, head to

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