sorting your recycling – glass

The second instalment of sorting your recycling has arrived. Last post I covered sorting paper and cardboards for effective recycling, today I’m writing about glass!


According to Sustainability Victoria, recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a tele for one and a half hours. Glass is the kind of material that be recycled over and over again without any great loss in quality. It also uses far less energy to melt glass and turn it back into jars and bottles, than it does to create jars and bottles from raw materials. Basically glass is awesome. It’s super important to recycle things properly and there are only a few things to remember when recycling glass, these are:

1. Seperate glass containers from their lids that are made of metal or plastic. So that empty Dolmio pasta sauce bottle has to be separated from it’s lid.

2. Make sure jars and bottles are completely empty, that means no food or liquid in them. Rinse them out but remember to be conservative of water use.

Lids off some glass jars, how to recycle glass properly

What kinds of glass can be recycled

What you can:

What you cant: It’s really important to note that drinking glasses are on this list. It’s really important that these don’t go in your recycling, as apparently just 5g of drinking glass is enough to contaminate 1 tonne of recycling. So do it right!

Just like I did with remembering paper and cardboard, if you can’t remember all of this then write it down and pin it up near your recycling area of your home.

List in my kitchen of glass recyclables and non-recyclables

What happens to glass

As mentioned before, glass can be recycled over and over and not reduce the quality during the recycling process. Glass is sorted and crushed and melted, then made into new glass jars, bottles and even fibreglass!

Reduce + reuse glass

If you’re going to buy anything with packaging, glass is probably the best way to go. Not just because it’s easily recycled, but because re-using glass jars and bottles is one of the simplest things you can do. I personally re-use glass jars and bottles for bulk buying my food. I have a big stash of bulk bought stuff that are all in glass bottles and jars that I’ve collected. I keep any glass jars that I have in a big bag, that I take with me to my bulk buy store for my shops. So simple!

A few jars of mine, storing things like apple cider vinegar, baking powder & pumpkin seeds

But there are a million ways to re-use glass jars and bottles, it just requires a bit of creativity! Go to this list of 20 ideas for reusing glass bottles for some inspiration, otherwise just google it, you’ll find an abundance of ideas out there.

This is Mac, he helps with the recycling

For more information on glass recycling, head to

For ideas on re-using glass, head to

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