snack series – roasted chickpeas

My favourite thing in the world is to snack, but most of favourite store bought snacks are certainly not zero waste friendly. I needed to fill in those gaps between meals where I’m hankering for something sweet or salty. So the snack series was born, which is my attempt at creating a bunch of zero waste friendly, vegan, healthier snacks. Today’s edition of the snack series, is roasted chickpeas.


I am a big follower of the Zero Waste Chef, and I’ve been using an adjusted version of this recipe for my roasted chickpeas. It’s nothing complicated, and no real measurements. It’s also vegan and gluten-free!

Some of my dried chickpeas

In an attempt to avoid metal cans, I buy my chickpeas dried and in bulk from Unpacked. They are super cheap, I buy a kg each time for around $10. Funnily enough I store them in an old hummus container! Buying them dried means there’s a little extra work involved in the process, but definitely worth it for the taste benefits. Here is everything you need:

A cup or so of dried chickpeas
Spices of your choosing

Some pink salt, sumac and paprika I use for seasoning

1. Soak chickpeas in water and cover for 6 or so hours, but you could also soak them overnight. I used 1 cup of chickpeas for this batch.

Soaking chickies

2. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Pop the chickpeas and a bit of water into a saucepan and cook them until soft, around 30 minutes or so.

Cooked chickies

3. Pop the cooked chickpeas onto a towel and pat them dry, doesn’t have to be perfectly dry though.

Drying chickies

4. Put the chickpeas onto a baking tray and add the oil and seasoning of your choosing. Stir the chickpeas around until fully coated. I used paprika and sumac, but any spice will do! Put the chickpeas in the oven for around 30 minutes and stir regularly. My oven is shit though so it might take less time in a good oven.

Pre-cooked chickies with spices

5. The chickpeas should turn a beautiful, golden brown. Take them out of the oven and let cool, they taste best when they are still warm! Store in a jar for a couple of weeks, but they haven’t lasted that long in my house.

The finished product

This is the easiest little treat to make to cure the salty pre-dinner cravings. They are somewhat healthy with nothing bad in them! You could make an enormous batch to last a week, so they are also great for meal prep. Next in my snack series is kale chips!

For Zero Waste Chef original roasted chickpea recipe, head to

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