snack series – kale chips

Kale is a really diverse and delicious vegetable, that is packed full of goodness. It’s also easily grown, therefore the farmers markets are abundant with winter kale right now. Although I think it’s delicious, many people think it tastes terrible. So today’s edition of the snack series is making kale taste delicious, by turning them into chips.

Beautiful winter kale I bought from the farmers market, don’t forget the produce bags!


Every recipe for kale chips is essentially the same, all you’re doing is roasting kale in the oven with some choice spices. For this recipe I used smoked paprika and sumac. The only thing I would recommend is to buy the kale fresh from a farmer, as supermarket kale seems to lose a lot of it’s taste.

Bunch of kale
Olive oil
Spices of your choosing

Spices I chose for my kale chips

1. Preheat the oven to 120 degrees, wash the kale and let it dry.

Kale being washed

2. Chop up the kale into preferred size for snacking.

Chopped up kale into chip sizes

3. Place kale on a tray, add the oil, spices and salt to your preferred taste.

Kale ready to go into the oven

4. Pop the kale in the oven for around 30 minutes, stir half way through. I’ve found that letting them roast in low temperature for longer, yields for a better result. Take them out of the oven and let them cool, and store them in a container for around 3 days.

Finished kale chips

Because these don’t store for long, kale chips aren’t ideal for meal prep. But they don’t take long to make and are extremely satisfying for those salty cravings. I absolutely love these kale chips as an alternative to potato chips, and I’m avoiding the waste in the process! Next up in the snack series I think will be homemade popcorn!

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