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As a lover of red wine, Jake often finds himself with the odd stain on his shirt. Being a nurse myself, I also find my scrubs decorated with weird spots. As the chief laundry leader of our house, I make it my mission to remove these dreaded stains. But after relying on products like Napisan, I needed a planet friendly alternative. My old, zero waste method was to use vinegar, but I couldn’t guarantee an 100% success rate. So, I turned to a locally made product by my favourite Tasmanian soap makers.

The magical circle

Tuff stuff

The Tasmanian Soap Company are my no. 1 provider of soap. I recently learned they have tackled stain removers too, with this sweet smelling circle. Made from lemon eucalyptus oil, this stuff claims to be tough on oil, wine, ink, grass stains – and more. Even better, it’s not just for clothes! it’s useable on carpets and upholstery too! I picked one up from Teros for $8.95. You can also buy from other retailers around Hobart, or online from their sister website Tasmanian Market.

How it’s packaged


The Tuff Stuff comes wrapped in a small net, with a rubber band and a paper tag. The paper tag went straight to the compost (after reading instructions obviously), and I use rubber bands for containers/bulk buying vegetables all the time. The netting itself is part of the process, perhaps as an exfoliant even. But more importantly, it prevents those last shreds of soap being lost in the form of a ‘soap saver’. So even when this Tuff Stuff is used up, I’ll keep this netting as a regular soap saver! win!

Netting = soap saver

Red wine stain

I decided to be bold and trust in the product by pouring a splash of red wine onto one of my white gym shirts. I rinsed it off as I usually would, and got to work with the Tuff Stuff. The instructions were too wet the netted soap, begin lathering onto the stain, and rinse.

About to tackle the red wine stain, ultimate trust exercise

After only a few moments of scrubbing, the stain turned blue! I kept on scrubbing, but the blue wouldn’t come out with the Tuff Stuff alone. I decided I would pop the shirt through the wash and see how it turned out, which I suppose is what I would normally due for a stain anyway.

From red to blue, but no longer red!

On a normal wash load, the shirt came out with zero remnants of a red wine stain, how brilliant! In fact, the shirt actually looked whiter in the places I’d used the Tuff Stuff. Proving that even the most awful stain (red on white), is easily tackled with an extra minute of scrubbing with the Tuff Stuff. I 100% adore this product, and my shirt smelt beautifully of lemon.

Final results, a success!

What a successful purchase this was. My first encounter with a stain remover made with natural ingredients, zero waste packaging, and truly does what it sets out to do! Now I will freely drink red wine and spill it everywhere, knowing I have back up sitting in my laundry.

For The Tasmanian Soap Company, head to

For their Tuff Stuff stain remover, head to

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