DIY christmas wreath

Next up on my zero waste christmas list, is to make my own Christmas wreath! Upon arrival of the silly season, I hesitated rushing out and buying a fake wreath from the craft store. Instead, I’ve opted to flex my crafting muscles and create my own wreath, without creating any waste!

Ground shrub I took snips from

What you need

2m of garden wire (preferably green to blend in)
Garden cable ties
Pruning scissors
A garden you’re allowed to snip from (I chose my parents)

Using my dad’s big scissors

All of these materials (except the scissors), were already in my gardening stash at home. So before you run out to the local hardware stores, ask your parents/friends/relatives if they have a spare metre of wire, or a few garden ties lying around. Save yourself a buck!

Make your frame

I said 2m of wire, but it really depends on how big you want your wreath. I first made a circle with the wire, and continued to wrap around to give some sturdiness. Bend the wire as best you can to a circle shape, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Creating the frame


I chose some non-flowering stems from my parents beautiful, lush green garden. Fresh flowers look beautiful in a wreath, but will quickly wilt over the course of the season. So if you want your wreath to last, choose leaves or non-flowering stems like I did! I picked three seperate trees to snip from for a bit of variety.

All the snippings

Make your bunches

Piece together small bunches of your foliage, and secure tightly with the garden ties. You can make the bunches as big or as small as you’d like. Obviously the fatter the bunch, the fuller your wreath will be. I’m opting for simplicity this year, and have chosen relatively small bunches.

A cable tied bunch

Secure to the frame & voila

Lay your first bunch and secure down to the frame with another garden tie. Layer another bunch over the first tie to help keep the garden tie hidden. Work your way around till you’ve reached the first bunch! I made a small hook with the garden wire to hang on the door. Give the wreath a spray of water every week, and pray it stays healthy for the Christmas season!

Halfway done

Wreath disposal

All the products in this project can be re-used for next years wreath. Be gentle un-twisting the ties to prevent them breaking, and the garden wire base can be used over and over for many years of wreath making. The leaves themselves can be put straight in the compost, or the organic waste bin if your city has a collection service.

The finished product

I’m very proud of my first attempt at wreath making. She’s certainly not perfect, and I definitely could have trimmed back some of the strays, but I love it’s wild look and it looks an absolute treat walking up towards the front door. With re-usable tools, this is a perfect way to create a zero waste Christmas wreath!

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