pads + tampons

Be prepared for an honest talk about periods. Periods are a weird and wonderful part of nature, but they can be an absolute nightmare. When going zero waste with periods, it’s important to look after your flow.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

Most people that are blessed to bleed have a stock of pads and tampons at the ready for mother nature’s monthly arrival. Unfortunately they are usually plastic central, non-recyclable and certainly not zero waste. In this instance, I would consider just using up your stock or simply keep a stash in case of emergencies.

If you’re like me, getting rid of tampons is a big deal. I have relied on them for many years and I prefer them over pads, but there are sacrifices we have to make for the good of our planet. Unfortunately tampons might be one of them.

Pad + tampon alternatives

There are plenty of zero waste alternatives, some include the menstrual cup, the sponge, re-usable pads and period underwear. The menstrual cup is apparently meant to be amazing, you can buy them essentially anywhere and they are so great the for environment. But I’m not super keen on it for myself. No-one knows your period like you do, so do your research and shop around to find what works best for you.


Period underwear sounded so gross. I don’t like wearing pads but I will if the flow insists on it. Truthfully I was super skeptical about this product, and thought it might be a waste of money. Would they prevent leakage? would they feel like I’m wearing a nappy? Would it feel like wearing a pad? I was not sure. I read enough positive reviews online though, and I bought five pairs of ModiBodi’s vegan, period underwear on a pre-period, hormonal whim. Note, even the packaging is zero waste friendly!

The undies come in different variations depending on the flow, light to heavy, as well as different styles of undies. I ordered the big granny ones because I’m a comfort gal. But there are ones for the active folk, or those who like to rock a cute boyleg cut. It’s easy to personalise to your flow and that’s a big win for me.

Results of weird period underwear

Okay so I’m going to 100% honest here. These undies are amazing. Admittedly they look huge in that photo but they fit like a damn glove. They are super comfy, lightweight but can hold up to two tampons worth of blood. I’ve been wearing a pair all day today, on the heaviest day of my period and theres been no leakage! They also don’t feel like you’re wearing a big wet nappy, just normal undies!

At the end of the day, or when you feel they are ‘full’ you are able to wash them out under the sink. Now I’m pretty proud of having a period, but I’m not overly keen on interacting with it THAT much. So instead, I’ve just opted to put them in a muslin bag and wash them in the machine with my normal load as per the instructions.

With the addition of my new knickers, I have no reason to keep buying plastic wrapped tampons and pads. Which is a huge win for both my bank account, and the environment!

For ModiBodi vegan undies

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  1. So interesting Tay. This is not an easy topic for a guy to relate to but I enjoyed reading about your experiences


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