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The biggest contributors to waste in our household is food waste. Although we have begun to tackle that issue with our new indoor composter, there is often food in our fridge that goes prematurely bad due to poor food storage. But I had to eliminate sandwich bags, cling wrap, freezer bags, and foil which seemed like an overwhelming task. Until now!

Seed & Sprout

Fresh Food Storage Bundle, image taken from Seed & Sprout

In an attempt to ditch sandwich bags, cling wrap and other plastic food stuff, I found a great website called Seed & Sprout. Based in Byron, this is a small business aimed at making our lives a little easier with the zero waste transition. I couldn’t decide what to order, so I decided to go for the Fresh Food Storage Bundle (because it was on sale) for $99. The beauty of ordering this bundle is that it covers all the basis’. It saves me buying multiple different products from different stores, and I’m supporting a local Aussie business!

The package arrived in ‘zero waste packaging’ (recyclable cardboard) and the products have made a great addition to my zero waste kitchen drawer, alongside my homemade beeswax wraps. Also every product is made from food-grade, sand-derived silicone, so no plastic in the product itself!

My zero waste drawer so far

Food huggers

Seed & Sprout food huggers

I don’t know if I’m the only person who does this, but I often cut a lemon in half to use and then leave the other half to go dry in the fridge. Otherwise I’d waste cling wrap and wrap it up! These food huggers are a great way to stop your half cut fruits + veg from going dry and un-useable, saving valuable space in your composter, and getting the most out of your money. They came in four different sizes, the smallest one is great for the end of a cucumber! Just pick the hugger that fits best, and slip in your fruit + veg to create a really air-tight seal.

Half an apple being spared by a Seed & Sprout food hugger

Square silicone wraps

My Seed & Sprout silicone wraps

Cling wrap is another stupidly useless plastic. I semi tackled this issue by making my own beeswax wraps, but the square silicone wraps in the pack provide a little bit more of a stick and seal! They won’t stick to the container or bowl if it’s wet, but when they stick you can literally punch down onto it and the seal won’t break! They are easily washed, re-usable obviously, but they also double as baking paper!

Large Seed & Sprout stretch lid on a big ol casserole dish

Round silicone stretch lids

My six Seed & Sprout silicone stretch lids

Another cling wrap alternative are the amazing stretchy lids. The pack came with six different sizes (but I ordered an extra set of six because they are so great). They obviously fit over any circular container, they are especially great if you have a can of beans that you haven’t completely used up! They have a lot of stretch, and the little tags on the side provide an extra sticky seal, you can literally put soup in a bowl with a stretchy lid on top and tip it upside down. No leaks! They are also re-usable and easily washed. My friends mum Jenny, is a cooking extraordinaire (her Instagram is @mamma_cooks), and she uses these stretchy lids. So don’t just take my word for it, if Jen uses it, you know it’s good!

Seed & Sprout stretch lid on a half empty coconut cream can

Zip lock bags

If you’re a bulk food maker like myself, then your freezer is usually jam packed full of food. We usually have some chopped up bananas, curries and soups that live in there for a rainy (money-less) day. The two zip lock bags in the pack are multi-purpose, they double as a zip lock bag for sandwiches, salads and other meals. But they are also freezable, so I use them for soups as well. The no leak tech is fantastic so I don’t have a frozen soup explosion! They are microwave safe, re-usable and easily washed. I just wish the pack came with more than two, so much that another pack of six is on my wishlist!

Seed & Sprout zip lock bags, one with salad one with frozen pumpkin soup

Keeping food fresh is an art form in itself. It’s a real pain in the ass when you realised you’ve wasted food (therefore your money), because it went off sooner than you thought. This bundle of products has honestly been a lifesaver, and eliminates all plastic food storage stuff from my kitchen. It’s a real peace of mind knowing I’ll never have to buy any of that plastic stuff every again. Even if you don’t buy from Seed & Sprout, find a product that works for your kitchen, it’s worth every penny!

For Seed & Sprout Fresh Food Storage Bundle, head to

For my beeswax wrap tutorial, head to

For Jen’s fantastic cooking Instagram, head to @mamma_cooks

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