toner water + body butter + face mask

I love a good skin care routine, but I love our environment too! Giving up my beloved products was definitely a challenge. But going zero waste often means cutting down and keeping it simple.

Getting rid of what you’ve got

My current Lush collection

Disclaimer, I am 100% obsessed with Lush. I love their products, their stance on animal testing and their recycling policy with their pots. Getting rid of my Lush products for zero waste purposes was actually not entirely necessary as most (not all) of their pots are able to be returned to the store for re-use. Any bottles that couldn’t be returned I’m saving for re-purpose. However I do want to simplify my life through this process, and truthfully I don’t need all of these products.

If you have a bunch of empty product bottles that you really can’t find a way of re-purposing, then it is of my understanding you can put them in kerbside recycling. As long as the lids are on and there is no product inside. Double check your council guidelines though!

DIY body butter

Although I LOVE a complicated skin care routine, my skin has always been kind and doesn’t need a lot of attention. I’m aiming to create an earth friendly and simple moisturiser that I can make from scratch, that will replace the need for two seperate moisturisers for body and face. I’ve searched the internet for a simple recipe with ingredients that are easily accessible to me.

I have made a total of 5 failed batches of this body butter and truthfully I was so close to giving up. So I’ve test and tried with a number of different ingredients, to finally find something that actually fucking works (thank god).

50g (ish) of cocoa butter or shea butter*
2tbsp of coconut oil
50mls of olive oil
*Optional 10 drops of essential oils (complimentary to the butter)

*I bought my shea butter in bulk from Australian Wholesale Oils, 1kg for $23 is pretty good value.

Put all ingredients over a water bath on low heat. Once the mixture has begun to melt, put it into the fridge for 30 minutes. You should be able to put your finger through it and make a dent. Take out of the fridge and use a handheld blender to whip into a creamy consistency. DO NOT OVER WHIP IT. Put into a jar and store in room temperature. Disclaimer, this is NOT like normal moisturiser texture. It’s thicker due to the lack of water, hence why it’s called a butter. However when applying it, it melts into your skin and feels almost like a serum.

Homemade body butter

DIY toner water

I love my tea tree toner water from Lush. Tea tree oil is a great anti-microbial and works great for break out spots (at least on my skin). Sadly however, my tea tree bottle has a pump spritzer, therefore is not able to be returned to the store. So I’ve attempted to make my own, re-using the bottle it came in, based upon the Palmetto Peaches recipe.

Homemade tea tree toner water in re-purposed bottle

Tea tree oil
Filtered water
Pump bottle OR spray bottle OR any kind of bottle that doesn’t have a spritzer
*Optional lavender essential oil

For every 25mls of water add 10 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. You could also add rosehip oil if your skin needs a bit of love. Shake the bottle and spray.

DIY face mask

I love using face masks but they often come in plastic and full of chemicals. In order to go totally zero waste, I need to make one from scratch. I’d seen recipes for zero waste face masks online, most of those involved using bentonite clay which you’d have to buy from a pharmacy in a plastic jar. So here is a really simple oatmeal face mask recipe, it’s certainly not an instagram worthy mask but it’s a great exfoliator

Homemade oatmeal face mask

1 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of coconut oil
3 cups of boiling water
*Optional lavender essential oil

Blitz rolled oats in a food processor until broken down to desired consistency. Boil water and remove from heat, add coconut oil and let it melt. Then add the rolled oats and stir through to make a paste. Add in lavender essential oil (or any oil you’d like) and spoon into jars. Store at room temperature for around two months.

You could also add a tablespoon of yoghurt (coconut or not) and some honey if you are looking for a creamier texture. Also coffee ground add a great exfoliating element and a delicious smell.

Don’t feel like making your own

I’d recommend going to lush and using their products that have the return system. Look at the container for this sticker, collect five and you get a free face mask! This ensures you aren’t throwing things into the recycling if you don’t have to. They have some great moisturisers that I’d been using for years, you just can’t guarantee that the product itself was manufactured zero waste. That’s why I recommend making your own, so you know exactly what’s going onto your skin and into the environment.

Lush recycling policy


This is now all I use for my skincare. It’s simple, cheap and I know every ingredient that is going on to my skin.

My new zero waste skin care

To buy a big ol tub of shea butter, go to

For original tea tree toner water recipe head to

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